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About the Executive Director 

With a fervent commitment to human rights and a track record of impactful advocacy, T'Keyah (Kia) Dupclay stands at the forefront of the fight for justice. Commencing her professional journey as a survivor advocate, Kia swiftly recognized the significance of community engagement. Progressing to roles of increasing responsibility, including program director and executive director, Kia has tirelessly championed the voices of survivors and spearheaded initiatives to address the multifaceted impacts of human trafficking and systemic injustices.


In her current capacity as Executive Director of Free 2 Dream Big, Kia leads with passion and dedication. She has implemented trauma-informed, whole-person wellness case management services, ensuring that each participant receives tailored care and support. Her advocacy extends beyond the realm of human trafficking, as evidenced by her involvement in assisting other vulnerable populations, including the homeless, LGBTQIA+ individuals, victims of intimate partner violence, and those grappling with mental health challenges and substance abuse.

Kia's expertise encompasses a diverse array of areas, from developing innovative housing navigation systems to providing mentorship and guidance to young individuals through the Rise Above Defeat Youth Advisory Board. She leverages her extensive training and certifications, including from Harvard Medical School's Teaching Hospital and various human trafficking organizations, to inform her work and drive systemic change.


As a sought-after consultant and speaker, Kia has lent her insights to numerous organizations and initiatives, providing invaluable guidance on topics ranging from survivor-centered policies to trauma-informed practices. Her tireless efforts have been recognized through various awards and recognitions, including the Los Angeles County CSEC Champion Award and the Real Unsung Hero Award, underscoring her relentless dedication to serving and empowering vulnerable communities.


Driven by a vision of a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive, Kia continues to lead the charge in creating positive change and fighting for a more just and equitable society.

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