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Are you on social media? Did you know our youth are more at risk than ever? Hashtags can guide you through the world of what youth are experiencing. #304, #304tiktok, #pushinP, #MOB are just a few hashtags you can look up on your social media platforms to be aware of the struggles and pressures that youth are facing.


It is important to understand that what was once an underground life is now fully normalized and are youth are aspiring to get away from the corporate world as it is made cool to live a fast life. The fast life of human trafficking doesn't come with the glitz and glamour the media portrays. To truly combat human trafficking, we have to address the normalization and adultification our youth face every day. True empowerment is keeping up with the times and improving our approaches to meet the demands of 2022. Human trafficking can be defeated by coming together as a community and addressing the problem head-on! Email to see how you can get involved! 


Did you know former foster youth can receive section 8 benefits? 

HUD has a hugely underused opportunity for foster youth to receive a section 8 voucher!

Learn more:


Kia's Corner: A Blog of Reality

As a survivor of any type of trauma, it can feel like your dreams no longer have a place in this world. Repairing inner broken pieces and trying to morph into what people tell you that you should be can be a trauma in itself. Survivors are told to settle for the basics and be grateful that it's not the game.


Yeah, it sounds good. Realistically as humans we often want more out of life! It's easy to let a dream die along with other parts of yourself that could be valuable to your self-worth. Where does your dream live? How do you manifest your dream to fruition despite the negativity in the world around? Do you have to settle to get out the game? All questions I had to ask myself and lean on my survivor sisters and brothers to help me navigate that path.


On this journey, I learned a lot of people don't have it all figured out, whether they were in the game or not. There is no one way to dream, and you don't have to morph your dream to align with anyone else's because that's what we are constantly told. Dreaming can bring peace, clarity, humility, and love. Dreaming can be your power and strength. Dreaming can be the motivation to thrive!


Though we may need stepping stones to get to our dream, NEVER STOP DREAMING! Our dreams backed up by action can be the truth in being empowered. Your dreams are important! Where do you want to take them?

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