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"I took one of Free 2 Dream Big's trainings and she was so authentic and transparent. I was given a new insight on best care practices for social workers and care givers to best support CSE Youth! Definitely looking forward to the next training!"

"Did a consultation on engaging with Human Trafficking Victims. I was able to learn a lot and reevaluate our intake process. I didn't know some of our questions could be triggering. They gave solutions so we can still get the information needed in a much more trauma informed way!"

"I came in contact with Free 2 Dream Big at an outreach. Kia helped me find employment and obtain an Emergency Housing Voucher! Not like other case managers! Homegirl kept it 100 with me. I'm excited to enroll in school next month and start my own small business eventually. Thank you for encouraging me! Love You!"

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